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A Historical Journey

The Andrade Trucking Legacy is built on...

Superior customer service


Consistent on-time delivery

Experienced Drivers & Staff

In 1968, Manuel and Angie Andrade opened Andrade Trucking, Inc. Beginning with a single truck driven by Manuel, the company quickly grew into a fleet of trucks. The development of Silicon Valley in the 1990s ushered in a boom of construction in mass housing, office buildings, College Campuses, Schools, Shopping Centers, RV parks,golf courses, parks & Recreation Departments, and BART Stations. Andrade Red Trucks could be seen bringing in the materials needed and hauling off the construction spoils. The Andrade family and Andrade Trucking Inc. have contributed to the abundant growth of the Greater Bay area for the past 50 years.

In 2017, Manuel and Angie decided to retire from the business, passing the reins of the company onto their son, James, and grandson, Alexander. The second and third generations are continuing the same successful business principles that began with Manuel and Angie.

Our 50th anniversary ushers in the expansion of the services offered and other improvements

Though our business principles remain the same, there have been some changes within the company. A few of them include updating our accounting software and dispatch procedures, to ensure efficiency and accurate information for our customers. The addition of an experienced office manager to ensure the changes are implemented and adhered to. As well as an expansion of the services we provide.